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Mary Caroline Jewelry

Mary Caroline and I met through the Instagram Community and I couldn't be more excited about working with her.  I first came across her exquisite pieces a year ago when I was looking for something special for a special someone in my life.  When her piece arrived in the mail I was blow away by the quality of the piece and her attention to detail, even the packaging was beautiful.  
Since then we have shared many conversations, discussing everything from Jewelry to life and intentions.  
I am beyond thrilled to be able to work with her to offer you access to her exceptional line of positively beautiful pieces. Every order will be fulfilled by Mary directly and shipped from her mindful workshop in Los Angeles.  Have questions regarding the pieces?  Contact Mary Caroline, she will be happy to oblige.


“I hope to capture the essence of womanhood and Joie de vivre in designs. My aim is to provide expressive pieces for the Goddess,

the Wildthing in all of us!”   

Mary Caroline is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer. A yogini, lover of nature, music, arts, culture, & new-age beliefs. Her creative soul has continued to grow and evolve with time, life experiences, and self-realization. This is evident in her designs.
She started designing jewelry in 2004 called, MC2 Designs with wire wrapping and beading techniques. After a few years in hiatus the calling just couldn’t be denied anymore and was shortly back to pursuing her dream, her passion. 
Recently discovering “The Lost Wax” jewelry making technique, she felt as if her stars have aligned. INLOVE with the process of dripping wax and carving it down to an original design, the skill broadened her creative world and she will never be the same. Mary's imagination is running wild and there is no limit to what this designer can and will create.
She only hopes that her jewelry shows a reflection of who she is now. And somehow empower women to find and connect with the goddess, wild woman energy that is within each and every one of us. 
Please join us as we journey with Mary in her new chapter and introduce to you, Mary Caroline Artisan Jewelry-- fashion forward, feminine, yet strong, jewelry with intention.
To live with intention
Mary Caroline Jewelry gives back proceeds to various charities including
Each piece is an original design and are handmade with attention to detail in Los Angeles using ancient techniques and casted in recycled silver making it an eco-conscious jewelry.


Teeki's Fall Collection is here and it is going to be a huge hit. Get yours today before they sell out! As with all Teeki clothing you are not only being a fitness fashionista, you are also being eco-friendly. Each pair of Teeki Leggings are made from recycled water bottles. Connect with your practice, nature and each other with this awesome clothing line


Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment & The Long Lost Bad Hair Day

November 19, 2014

  I have lots of people ask me how I keep my hair from drying out. I’m going to share my secret. My hair is curly and dry hair makes for frizz and bad curls. I did’t always have the solution and a mess bun was in style so I went for that instead.  I missed having good hair days and just accepted the new condition of my locks.  As a yoga teacher & practitioner I sweat a lot- A LOT !!! Sweat has salt in it and it and salt drys out your hair, along with what ever products you put in it, add in the coming winter months and with out proper care- BAD HAIR DAY, for sure!... Continue Reading →

Lessons Taught to a Teacher

June 05, 2014

During my recently completed 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, I came across so many lessons, some of them obvious, others subtle, but equally as profound.    Before I discuss what I have learned I owe a great many thanks to those who made this endeavor possible.  The amazing teachers who taught the classes, Julie, Lana, Stephanie, Brian, Holly & Roberta as well as the studio spaces that made practicing possible.   NP ROCK YOGA, TADASANA YOGA , YOGA TO THE PEOPLE, and HAMPTONS HOT YOGA.  In addition, my loving fiance for picking up the slack, caring friends for their encouragement, and most of all the students in the room for holding the space. So what did this teacher of hot learn... Continue Reading →

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