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Lessons Taught to a Teacher

June 05, 2014

During my recently completed 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, I came across so many lessons, some of them obvious, others subtle, but equally as profound.    Before I discuss what I have learned I owe a great many thanks to those who made this endeavor possible.  The amazing teachers who taught the classes, Julie, Lana, Stephanie, Brian, Holly & Roberta as well as the studio spaces that made practicing possible.   NP ROCK YOGA, TADASANA YOGA , YOGA TO THE PEOPLE, and HAMPTONS HOT YOGA.  In addition, my loving fiance for picking up the slack, caring friends for their encouragement, and most of all the students in the room for holding the space. So what did this teacher of hot learn... Continue Reading →

DAY 15 & The Outsider Perspective

May 14, 2014

Monday is Yoga Night! Others may think Manic Monday because of their hatred of the beginning of the wretched work week. I call them Magic Mondays because honestly they have become one of my favorite days of the week. I look forward to every Monday ending the first day of the hectic work week with great yoga and a great meal, cooked by our very own Monday Night Chef, Carla. (Yes, she cooks too!) What can I say, I like to focus on the positive.Let me introduce myself. Well, I am Christina. Day Time Job: Fourth Grade Teacher, Side Job: OMLALA Wordsmith and all around fiercely loyal friend. (If you happened to catch a childhood picture floating around OMLALA Instagram acting as a JALA Coupon…well that’s me!... Continue Reading →

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